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Are You Ready to Survive?

Catastrophic events of the last several years have heightened the awareness of institutions of all sorts - business, government, non-profits - to their vulnerabilities. They realize the importance of timely resumption of key operations in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Many organizations have no business continuity plans in place and many have plans that are only partially developed. Most are un-tested.

Hoskins Davis offers tailored business continuity planning and implementation services:

Risk & Impact Assessment

The Risk and Impact Assessment identifies the most likely disruption risks and the potential impacts of each on the enterprise. It provides an integrated statement of strengths, weaknesses, and potential gaps in existing plans, with specific recommendations to fill the gaps. In organizations without existing plans, the assessment provides value by taking a look at the organization's needs, and provides recommendations for effective plan development.

Plan Development

Working with your management team, our business continuity consultants will develop plans to ensure critical business processes and systems are maintained in emergency or disaster situations. Depending on business requirements, this can include alternate business processes facilities or staffing or failover to backup systems. We review existing IT disaster recovery plans for gaps and integrate them into the final deliverable - the Business Continuity Plan.

Plan Documentation

In some cases, we have found that Business Continuity Plans exist, but are not well integrated and not consistently applied or communicated to staff. In such cases documentation may exist in separate areas, but it is not integrated into a coherent plan. When this is true, our consultants will work with your staff to ensure your plan is tailored to your specific needs and documented in conformance with current industry best practices.

Deployment and Training

Management and staff must understand a Business Continuity Plan if it is to be effective under emergency or disaster conditions. The use of an appropriate mix of proven Change Management techniques during initial roll-out will ensure plans are well-understood and readily actionable by key management and staff. Initial roll-out presentations, desk references, training materials, and practice sessions are some of the approaches used to ensure the Business Continuity Plan is effectively launched. We will also make recommendations for ongoing training.

Maintenance and Testing

In any business, Business Continuity challenges change over time, as business and regulatory requirements change. A business should periodically review and maintain its continuity plans. The plans should be tested regularly to ensure they are workable and can be invoked quickly under duress. Our consultants are familiar with Business Continuity Plan testing best practices, and can work with your staff to help ensure that backup and emergency processes work and that business continuity skills don't go stale.