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Acquiring Quality Leadership

For years, Hoskins Davis has assisted some of America's leading corporations with their strategic change efforts. We have helped strengthen their business operations through the improvement of key business processes. There is always one critical issue: How do you find and acquire talent for those important management and staff positions that are needed to make your organization perform at desired levels?

The single most important element in your organization is the quality of leadership you put on your management team. The identification of the initial slate of potential candidates is only the first step in the process. The critical requirement for success is a thorough evaluation of the candidates, an evaluation which is based in an understanding of your organization and the industry in which it operates. The best candidates are thereby selected through an analysis of their skills, their abilities and their cultural and corporate fit.

The talent acquisition process is highly personal. We become your partner, acting as an extension of your business to help you identify the kind of people you need and then to recruit those people. Our process is to:

In those situations where retained search processes are not required, we provide recruiting and referral services tailored to project assignments.

"Identifying top talent is straightforward; acquiring it is not"
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