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Fundamental Principles Drive Your Results

In order to be competitive, your organization must possess a well-developed competency for planning, organizing and executing projects. Effective project management is achieved by diligently heeding fundamental project management principles. Conversely, projects fail because many organizations lack experience or project management skills, or they lose sight of important basic principles in the heat of day-to-day operations.

Integrated Program Management (IPM) centers around effectively managing an enterprise's promised benefits and the related creation of value. It is more than the sum of projects - it is a top-down, proactive management process which optimizes benefits, minimizes risks and manages dependencies across multiple initiatives. Integrated Program Management establishes a mechanism for classifying, communicating and redirecting key company assets in a rapid drive to create radical business improvement. At the heart of the IPM approach is a framework that focuses on the most critical factors that create value and sustain positive change, while avoiding the disastrous pitfalls of scope creep and resource dilution.

"Good programs are built on blocking and tackling"
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